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This Book Changed my Life!
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I stumbled onto this book as I was looking for self-help material to keep me focused. i always set goals for myself but lose focus, that is, until I purchased this life changing book. Through the use of visual aides and journal styled entries I have been able to become a more goal oriented person that stays on course no matter how challenging the goal may get. I can’t recommend this book enough, as it has been a catalyst to a more organized and self-aware life for myself.
Clare Cannon
Beautiful guide to self awareness
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Lovely illustrated diary to guide you through writing down your thoughts and habits - especially suitable for those who find these exercises difficult. Also the beautiful hard back cover makes this diary more durable and feels a more traditional and authentic way to store your thoughts than a cheaper paperback version. Well thought out to give the user an all round great experience when carrying out self reflection exercises and definitely worth the purchase price.
L & D
Best gift I’ve ever given my wife
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I bought this for my wife. She’s had a tough year and is perpetually tired (second baby). Within days she seemed to develop a more positive outlook and now she’s a month in, she has thanked me wholeheartedly for it, apparently it’s the best gift I’ve ever given her. Money well spent!
In the gentlest way, enables you to change your life
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How can you not be charmed by this book? And if you take the gentle journey, how can you not be changed? You know how when you’re a child, you fall in love with illustrations in a book, how they enable you to live in another place, another space? This book does that for adults. Honestly, last night when I was going to sleep I kept switching on the light to look at some of the pictures! Art work and written exercises take us gently by the hand, and enable us to find ‘your own magic’. Enable us to create our futures.
Katelyn Ebeyer
Motivating and well done
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Absolutely love this journal. It’s motivating and an interesting way of diving into your goals. I usually find it very tough to journal but this helps guide you well. Ended up buying a second one as a gift for someone who loved it as well.
Best mindfulness and self-love journal ever!!!
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I got this as a birthday present and I love it! I’ve been looking for a self-care journal for a while now and this one is perfect! It’s a high-quality journal with beautiful pictures and writing prompts. It’s been a tough half a year and this guided journal is perfect to be challenged, set your goals, get inspired, self-reflect, and love yourself even when life is tough. It’s the best birthday present I’ve been ever given <3
Makes me smile.
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Clear, easily understood, and resonates with the inner places.

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